Pictures of the Centre

A number of you requested some pictures but unfortunately due to internet speed I can only post a few. Here are a couple just to give an idea of what it’s like here…

This is the Kusamala Garden. It is the garden I am starting to manage and one of the cornerstone projects of the Centre. This coming week we are doing a big planting and are also re-starting a vegetable box delivery program. The hope is to expand the CSA in the future so that it can be a consistent revenue source for the Centre.

This is the main building on the property where the interns and volunteers live and work. My room is the second door on the right. We spend quite a bit of time sitting out here reading, talking, or watching the rain – which we’re getting a lot of right now.

My first week on the job went well and I am excited to see how this next week goes. It should be busy! I’ll post more pictures and updates as I can.

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One Response to Pictures of the Centre

  1. ana says:

    What types of goodies are you growing????

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