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Out-smarted by a chook

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I admit it, I have been wrong. Well maybe just slightly wrong. Over the past year and a half living in Malawi, I have been outspoken in my dislike of chickens. I have refused to have anything to do with … Continue reading

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Twenty-nine in Malawi

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For some reason, since coming back to Malawi from my trip home in January, I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to write anything for this blog. I keep putting it on my to do list, and then never quite … Continue reading

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The last week or so I was in the US people would frequently ask, “So, how do you feel about going back to Malawi?” My response was typically mixed. I loved being home, in the Bay Area. It felt right. … Continue reading

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The Scots Take Over Kusamala

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Whew… It’s been a long month. I’m starting to feel a bit like a broken record, always talking about how busy I am. I don’t say complaining, because I enjoy the work, having things to do, and feeling productive. I … Continue reading

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A Reflection on Commercial Permaculture Gardening

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This past week we hired one of our current interns to take over my position managing the commercial garden. It was a bittersweet moment for me, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the excuse it gave me to wander around outside … Continue reading

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My One-Year Plan

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It seems like most organizations, or some at least, have two… three… five… ten… fifty-year plans these days. One of our goals at Kusamala within the next few months is to go through a strategic planning process, which will include … Continue reading

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Mozambique in Photos

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I recently returned to the farm after a two-week trip to Mozambique where a friend (Alison) and I decided to make a holiday out of our need to renew our Malawian visas. The places we went were so spectacular, and … Continue reading

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